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MAXIM 100 ON DAVE + more

Holy crap I think i just peed my pants!!!!! HAHAHA that was one of the best Kate Walsh vid's I have ever seen. Props to whoever was the first to post it on cause that is the first place i happened to see it today so i'm just going to give you a friendly link to it. Funny vid

Got a new header about a week ago but no one would know that unless i showed it to you so clicky clicky your way over here. addierox 

[09] Kate on with Dave Spade
[12] Kate Quotes from showbiz show
[18] One Way To Valhalla promo shots


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3.21 cute

Season 2.1-2.7 Quotes

I've been liking the whole quote thing lately so here i am again. Also got a new banner *looks up* purty isn't it I've been saving that for a rainy day and there it is. They look so good together! Together they shall stay. :)

[18] Grey's Season 2 quotes epi's 1-7 

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Season one quotes + etc.

I've been extremely bored without the internet for a few days that stupid internet service so i did some quotes
Note: #1 is a shoutout to all the wonderful people at Grey's Forum and the fanfiction there. Go TEAM CALLEX!
[23] Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Quotes and randomness
[11] Knocked up premiere 9- Kate Walsh 2- Sara Ramirez
+ 3 banners from the premiere 
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Kate kate kate katey kate kate

HAHAHAHa I've been without computer for a week and I'm back and ready to rumble!!
x 16 Kate appearances
x 8 Kate being stalked
x 16 Random KW Quotes
x 11 Addie 3.24 Testing 1, 2, 3
x 4 Addie 3.25 Didn't We Almost Have it all 

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The Other Side Of This Life [edited 5/6/2007]

The Elevator God!!!!!

Ooo excited. That episode was fun. Kate Walsh was hysterical as usual. So I made some of these during my nocturnalness. Woo Addie Rox!!

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