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Addie Rox


12 July 1990
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[_about me_]
Hi, My name is Cindy and this is an iconjournal so don't expect anything personal from here. Feel Free to friend.
Television. Grey's Anatomy. Movies. Lots and Lots of Music. FANGIRL. Relient K. Kate Walsh. Sara Ramirez. Kelly Clarkson. The Fray. Pirates of the Caribbean. Orlando Bloom. Katherine Heigl. Justin Chambers. Private Practice. Sunglasses. Obsessive Quoter. Shopoholic. Greysoholic. Lost. Brothers and Sisters. CSI. How I Met Your Mother. Friends. My Computer = LOVE.
[_resources_places i love_]
Kate-Walsh // K-Walsh Uncut // Home Of The Nutty // Striped Wall // Screencap Paradise // GREYS FORUM //
any additional resources will be noted in the post
1. No Hotlinking
2. Blanks Are Not Bases
3. Credit Is A MUST and is NOT Optional
4. DO NOT Badmouth anyone in these posts (especially Kate Walsh) in your comments. They will be deleted immediately
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